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The Condom Queen Reigns – A Condom Costume

February 3, 2013

Finally, after years of wanting to be a part of this show, I am entering a costume into Off The Rack Condom Fashion Show.  Its a sexy fundraiser for a local clinic.  With a few other people, I created The Condom Queen. She represents sexual empowerment, sexual protection and openness.  She, unlike some queens, welcomes all into her Queendom of Sexual Wellbeing.

This dress took an estimated 25 hours to make and thousands of condoms.

Condom Outfit

Condom CoutureCondom Queen DressBlowing up a CondomCreating the Condom  Dress

The Condom Dress - Condom Fashion ShowCondom Dresskristin the queen of Condom -landThe Condom Queen

A Sex Work Flow Chart

January 31, 2013


Sexy New Years Resolutions

January 3, 2013

I hereby resolve to do something sexy everyday.  Be that reading up on the lasted sexology blogs, doing a naked dance in the shower or kissing my lover for a few minutes.  2012 was a hard year, a year of slowly climbing out of bad places.  Places that all but destroyed my libido. But 2012 is history and so are its woes.  2013 is looking bright and sexy.

Sex, sexuality, libido, and sexual energy do not just happen.  They are cultivatable.  They can be practiced and improved upon.  My sexual energy of late has been buried under stress.  In order to improve it, I must practice it.  And thus, I resolve to give attention to my sexual energy daily.

Examples of things I can do to give attention to my sexual energy.

  • masturbate
  • touch every part of my body like a giant self hug
  • A Self Hug
  • do a naked dance in the shower
  • do yoga
  • meditate
  • read more blogs and books
  • write more on this blog
  • talk to more people about sex, sexuality, gender
  • volunteer at the local testing clinic
  • experiment with more positions and styles of sex
  • give more hand jobs and blow jobs
  • experiment with more positions and styles of solo sex
  • sext my lover
  • spend time exploring my body
  • the fox and the porcupine
  • listen to Sex with Jaiya, Sex Nerd Sandra and other podcast favorites
  • breathe deeper during sex
  • slow down
  • exercise more
  • dance more
  • eat more chocolate
  • EPSON MFP image
  • So here is to a sexy 2013!

Sexy Stocking Stuffers – A Gift Guide for a XXXmas

December 20, 2012
A Gift Guide for A Hot Holiday

A Gift Guide for A Hot Holiday

Heat up the Holidays with a sexy stocking.  Tie them up with bondage tape.  Drizzle warm wax on their bodies.  Try out a new condom. Or decorate yourself with sparkly Candy Cane Nipple Pasties.  Xmas just became XXXmas!

1. Aloe Cadabra Peppermint Lube $5

2. Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeve $8

3. Nightly Allure Nipple Tassels $30

4. Coco de la Mer Christmas Card $6

5. Coco de la Mer Condoms $10

6. Lelo Couple Cock Ring $120

7. Jimmyjane Ember Candle and Hot Wax $35

8. Coco de la Mer Bondage Tape $12

Creating a Condom Costume – Inspirations

October 11, 2012

Every year, a local clinic holds a fundraising fashion show – a condom fashion show!  I have long fantasized about entering a costume into the show.  As you know, I have a serious nerdy love for condoms.  I have a fairly large collection of condoms from around the world – each with unique packaging, crazy flavors, and odd textures.   This year, unlike previous ones, I have the time to enter a costume into the Condom Fashion Show.  In gathering inspiration for my future design, I came across these.  Do you have any inspirations to share with me?  Anything you’d like to see made out of condoms?

Hey Bitch – Or the Dangers of Being a Women in America

July 10, 2012

I had a lovely dinner with a friend this evening.  Afterwords, I walked home.  It was daylight.  People were about. My walk home requires a stroll through a park and over a bridge.  While walking through the park I notice two men on a park bench.  Neither had shirts on.  They were tan and buff and douchy.  I decided to put some distance between myself and the douches rather than walk right in front of them.  I walked behind their  bench making sure to put a tree between us.  But that wasn’t enough.

“hey lady!”

I recognized that tone and did not turn around.

“Hey Person”

Right, that will work.  I love being referred to as generic person.

“Hey girl in the dress”


“Hey Bitch”

The blood in me started to boil.  I kept walking taking not of people around me who may help keep me safe.  Fortunately, they stopped after calling me a bitch.

I currently live in Missoula, MT.  Google it and you will read all about our rape problem which came to light when members of the beloved football team gang raped a person at a party. The city and the university are under investigation by several federal agencies.  What was once thought to be a quaint mountain college town is now showing its dark side.  And women live in fear.

We talk about women who are afraid to leave their homes like it something that happens in exotic far way places.  Those women live in houses made of clay or with tile roofs not 1950s ranch houses with geraniums growing in the windows.  We talk about women who fear for their safety like they have nothing to do with us or our lives. But in fact, women in Missoula, women in America, fear for their safety.  They, myself included, do not go out at night alone.  They do not leave the house without pepper spray.  They hold on to their drinks at social events.  They avoid eye contact with men.  They walk quickly enough to getaway but not so quickly as to not show fear.  Women of America are those women.

There are more women today who have been raped than women who smoke.  Approximently one in five females will experience sexual assault in their life.  Two grandmothers, a mother, a sister and a daughter – thats three women.  While Gold Meir was in office a series of rapes occurred.  When asked if she would enforce a curfew for women she said “But it is the men who are attacking women.If there is to be a curfew, let the men stay home.”  When I am being heckled in the park, I am not so against the idea.




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