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The Condom Queen Reigns – A Condom Costume

February 3, 2013

Finally, after years of wanting to be a part of this show, I am entering a costume into Off The Rack Condom Fashion Show.  Its a sexy fundraiser for a local clinic.  With a few other people, I created The Condom Queen. She represents sexual empowerment, sexual protection and openness.  She, unlike some queens, welcomes all into her Queendom of Sexual Wellbeing.

This dress took an estimated 25 hours to make and thousands of condoms.

Condom Outfit

Condom CoutureCondom Queen DressBlowing up a CondomCreating the Condom  Dress

The Condom Dress - Condom Fashion ShowCondom Dresskristin the queen of Condom -landThe Condom Queen

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  1. February 12, 2013 10:04 am

    That is super awesome and pretty.

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