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Ask The Sexual Operator

Please post your questions here or email them to me at  Please sign your question as you would like be identified.

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  1. ScruffyJoeTumbleweed permalink
    December 21, 2011 1:59 am

    Hello Operator. Is there anything wrong with pervertible objects? I think there is nothing wrong with pervertible objects, but the name for it is wrong. Obviously there is nothing “wrong” about using them, but the name pervertible, implies something bad, evil, perverse. What would be a better name, without a negative connotation? Improvised sex toy?

    • December 21, 2011 4:21 am

      Hello Scruffy Joe Tumbleweed,
      There is nothing wrong with pervertible objects. The word means ‘to turn sexual’. Because the word pervert means one with out morals, many assume pervertibles to also have a similar meaning. Because our society sees anything sexual as immoral, taboo or at best swicky, it is hard to find an English word that has a positive connotation when describing the transformation of a nonsexual item into a sexually pleasurable one. I have been thinking of one and all I can come up with is Transformable, or Variant. Neither apply directly to the sexual nature of the change. Perhaps we just need to reclaim the word pervertible!

  2. SnapCracklePop permalink
    January 16, 2012 10:28 am

    Hello Operator

    two questions if you are not too busy packing for your migration to San Dildo:

    after a long hard night (not like that) at the group home, i must confess that i sometimes come home and go onto the russian counterfeit of facebook which is far racier than facebook and yet much less skankier than myspace. i if am in a sub-appropriate mood i go to some groups on that site which feature sub-porn photos and videos, most of which are either artful or truly interesting in some way. the names of the groups speak to the irony of which europe is known for – groups such as

    “pray for sex” …. and
    “drink for your health, have sex for virginity”.

    so today i was unwinding, just perusing the the erotica when i saw this little video of asian couples in a gym – hundreds of them – all doing it cowboy style in near synchronicity. So dear operator, i come from an individualistic culture that values privacy and modesty to the extent that it would be highly unusual to see a gym full of Nebraskans sharing the moment. Sure, i understand that asia is more collectivist, but are there other explanations as to this phenom? Lastly, what is with that annoying cry-baby sound that only asian women make when they are ostensibly experiencing pleasure? is it to make the man feel more dominant, or are they not culturally permitted to experience and thus express pleasure. these questions have been on my mind for some time. Now i need to sleep, but these riddles have me twitterpated and restless. thank you for taking my call.

    ps ……IS IT OK…. for me to organize such an event at the Adams center? I mean if it is private and by invitation or membership etc, then it’s not public sex, right?
    or maybe as a way to stretch during the intermission of S.I.P. everyone is already on the blankets, pravda? maybe have a separate family night – sans the frisky business.
    I think billy shakespeare himself would find it to be a kick in the pantaloons.

    ok, must cacao now.


Ask the Sexual Operator

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