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Words Google Hates or How Google Shows it Sex Negativity

June 8, 2012

This week’s Word of the Week is Lemon Party and about 100 others.

In my other life I run an Etsy shop.  Much time spent labeling products so that they get Google attention.  I found this fascinating list of Google Blacklist Words.    At the bottom of the list is another list of words that Google does not blacklist.  Strange that ‘gay man’ is blocked but ‘dismembered’ in not.  Strange that bdsm is blocked but s and m is not.

There is something wrong that ‘Carol Queen’ is blacklisted.

Google Blacklist Words
(the capital letter indicates where the blacklist kicks in)

2g1c (blacklists on the “1”) [thanks bored]
4chan (blacklists if a “B” or “Y” is entered after a space) (UPDATE: “4chan Y” no longer is blacklisted) [thanks Sasa]
a2m (blacklists after space) [thanks nic]
acrotOmophilia (the things you can learn from this list!) [thanks Anonymous Entity]
adUlt (seriously!) [thanks bored]
amaTeur [thanks Bill]
anal (blacklists after a space)
anilinGus [thanks Bill]
anuS (there really seems to be more blacklisting in this part of the anatomy than anywhere else)
are (this is a VERY interesting one. if you stick “are” after the following words, the blacklist kicks in: jews, christians, catholics born-again christians, evangelical christians, atheists, muslims, blacks, whites, italians, mexicans, chinese, japanese, germans, arabs, french, buddhists. the blacklist does NOT kick in when these words are entered before “are”: terrorists, scientologists, agnostics, seventh day adventists, jehovah’s witnesses, mormons, protestants, evangelists, pentecostalists, columbians, panamanians, iranians, iraqis, koreans, persians, turks.) [thanks Matt]
are idiotS (most any word before this phrase will generate a blacklist – this is really protecting us from ANY sort of negativity)
arseHole [thanks Badspyro]
aryaN (it’s not JUST a racist movement, Google – go read Wikipedia)
asian baBe [thanks nic]
ass (blacklists after a space – you will thus see nothing for “ass monkey”)
assHole (OK to say on network TV but not here)
assmUnch (you can even say this one in church)
auto eRotic [thanks bored]
autoerotiC [thanks Bill]
babeS in toyland (thank you Google for sheltering us from the 1961 film classic)
babelAnd [thanks]
baby battEr [thanks bored]
ball GravY (who comes up with these?) [thanks John]
ball SaCk [thanks xcitor]
ball gaG [thanks EricaHart]
ball kiCking (goodbye football) [thanks EricaHart]
ball liCking [thanks EricaHart]
ball sUcking [thanks EricaHart]
bangBros [thanks Anonymous Entity]
barebAck [thanks Bill]
barely Legal [thanks Bill]
barenAked ladies (let this be a warning when picking offensive band names) [thanks Chris]
bastardO (yet bastard is OK) [thanks Eric]
bastinAdo [thanks Jennifer]
bbW [thanks EricaHart]
bdsM [thanks nic]
beaver clEaver [thanks R Hog]
beaver lipS [thanks R Hog]
bestiAlity [thanks Coldnose Sloth]
betty doDson [thanks Robin]
bi cUrious (not around Google) [thanks bruled]
bianca bEauchamp [thanks Dan]
big blAck (they weren’t THAT bad a punk band) [thanks lawl]
big knOckers (knockers by itself is fine) [thanks bored]
big tiTs [thanks EricaHart]
bimboS [thanks Bill]
birdlOck [thanks blacklist bandit]
biseXual (why this is offensive while heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, trisexual aren’t is beyond us) [thanks Mikko]
bitcH (there are probably more inoffensive uses of this word than any in this list)
black coCk (blacklisted, but “white cock” isn’t and will get you a list of inoffensive suggestions)
blonde actIon [thanks nic]
blonde on blonde aCtion [thanks nic]
blow J [thanks John and Pedro]
blow your L [thanks John]
blue wafFle [thanks Andrew]
blumPkin [thanks Bill]
bolloCks (never mind them – at least the Sex Pistols aren’t blacklisted) [thanks John]
bondAge [thanks nic]
boneR [thanks Bill]
booB [thanks Bill]
booty Call [thanks sofatater]
brown showerS (apparently it’s OK if you just try one) [thanks Jennifer]
brunette Action
bukKake (knowing words like this is how you win at Jeopardy) [thanks nic]
bulldYke [thanks EricaHart]
bullet vIbe [thanks Alice]
bung hOle (but “bung hammer” is helpfully suggested before the blacklist kicks in) [thanks Michael]
bungHole (thank you Beavis & Butthead) [thanks Michael]
bustY [thanks Bill]
butt (blacklists after a space, so you won’t see results for “butt exercises”)
buttHole (we suspect the Butthole Surfers are fit to be tied over this)
buttcHeeks (yet buttcrack is allowed) [thanks kimberly]
camel Toe [thanks Bill]
camgIrl [thanks anonymous entity]
camslUt [thanks blacklist bandit]
camwHore [thanks anonymous entity]
carol quEen (apparently being a sexologist is enough to get you on the blacklist) [thanks kate]
carpet mUncher [thanks R Hog]
carpetmUncher [thanks kimberly]
chastity bElt [thanks blacklist bandit]
chocolate roseBuds (but vanilla rosebuds are fine) [thanks Travis]
chrissie wUnna [thanks Wazza]
circleJerk [thanks anonymous entity]
cleveland stEamer (but “cleveland steamers gets suggestions) [thanks Michael]
clit (blacklists after a space)
clitoriS (we’re not sure why they waited until the last letter)
clover clampS [thanks EricaHart]
clusterFuck [thanks anonymous entity]
cocainE (but “crack” and “heroin” are inoffensive)
cock (blacklists after a space, narrowly averting a “cockpit” blacklist)
consensual Intercourse [thanks R Hog]
coprolaGnia (at last, people who inadvertently type this word into Google won’t face any potentially offensive definitions) [thanks anonymous entity]
coprophIlia (now there’s a twenty dollar word) [thanks nic]
cornhOle [thanks Coldnose Sloth]
courtney troUble [thanks Robin]
cream pIe [thanks nic]
creamPie [thanks nic]
crossDresser (but not transvestite) [thanks my weekend shoes]
cuckoLd (this one dates back to 1250, but it dies here) [thanks anonymous entity]
cum (blacklists after a space) [thanks John]
cumming (blacklists after a space) [thanks R Hog]
date rApe [thanks Alice]
daterApe [thanks Alice]
deep thRoat [thanks nic]
deeptHroat [thanks nic]
dick (blacklists after a space – yes, “Dick Armey” and “Tricky Dick Nixon” are blacklisted as is anything that follows “Philip K. Dick” like “stories”)
dilDo [thanks Bill]
dirty pillowS [thanks joe]
dirty sAnchez (someonme ought to tell Google that this is the name of a TV show on MTV) [thanks xcitor]
dog stylE [thanks nic]
doggie sTyle [thanks Bill]
doggiesTyle [thanks Bill]
doggy Style [thanks nic]
doggyStyle [thanks nic]
dolcett (blacklists after space) [thanks Anonymous Entity]
dominatIon [thanks Bill]
dominatRix [thanks nic]
dommeS [thanks anonymous entity]
donkey pUnch [thanks Bill]
double donG [thanks xcitor]
double pEnetration (hopefully a single penetration test will be enough) [thanks nic]
dp acTion [thanks bored]
ducky doOlittle (sexologist) [thanks anonymous]
eat my Ass (most anything followed by “my ass” will result in a blacklist) [thanks Jimmy]
ecchI [thanks nic]
ecstasY (one of the more ineffective blacklists as results for the drug are seen up until the last letter) [thanks Charlie]
ejaCulation (but if you go on to type “ejaculate” suggestions will return at the E – go figure)
electrotorTure [thanks EricaHart]
eroTic [thanks Bill]
eroTism [thanks nic]
escoRt (used to be such a nice safe word) [thanks Steven]
ethical sLut [thanks Alice]
euNuch (suggestions only) [thanks Hecto]
fagGot (however, “fag” apparently is not an issue at all)
fantasieS (how sad for this word to be blacklisted) [thanks Alice]
fapsErver [thanks Alice]
fecaL (who types this without expecting fecal matter?)
felcH (misspelling of “feltch”) [thanks joe]
feltCh [thanks John]
femDom [thanks Alice]
female deSperation [thanks Joshua]
female sQuirting [thanks xcitor]
fetIsh [thanks Bill]
figginG [thanks EricaHart]
fingerIng (fingering someone for a crime is just not acceptable) [thanks Hazel]
fistIng [thanks kate]
foot fEtish [thanks bored]
footjoB [thanks Tarot]
frotTing [thanks Anonymous Entity]
fucK butTons (this is the name of a band – oddly enough, all sorts of results are displayed after the space and before the second “T”) [thanks Noel]
fudge paCker [thanks Bill]
fudgePacker [thanks bored]
futaNari (so the Japanese word for hermaphrodite is blacklisted even though that word itself isn’t) [thanks anonymous entity]
g-sPot [thanks Bill]
gang Bang [thanks Pedro]
gay bOy [thanks anonymous]
gay dog (blacklists after a space – oddly enough, “gay dogs” isn’t blacklisted) [thanks anonymous]
gay man (blacklists after a space) [thanks anonymous]
gay men (blacklists after a space, saving “gay men’s chorus”) [thanks anonymous]
gay sEx [thanks anonymous]
genitalS [thanks Bill]
get my siSter (because that can only mean one thing – incidentally, “got my sister” works just fine) [thanks joe]
giant cocK [thanks bored]
ginger lYnne [thanks Sean]
girl oN [thanks nic]
girl on tOp [thanks nic]
girls goNe wild [thanks Jason]
goatcx [thanks nic]
goatsE [thanks nic]
gokKun [thanks Ian]
golden shoWer [thanks Bill]
goo gIrl [thanks datafox]
goodpoOp (“good poop” shows up fine though) [thanks joe]
goodviBes (suggestions are given but no results)
google is Evil (technically, “*anything* is evil” is blocked, including “hitler is evil” which basically means the only suggestion you get after typing “hitler is” is “hitler is god”) [thanks Dave]
goregaSm (this one really took some digging) [thanks Coldnose Sloth]
grinGo [thanks heiferly]
grope (blacklists after a space and the letter a, b, c, e, j, n, o, p, r, s, t, v, or x [thanks Pedro]
group sEx [thanks Bill]
gurO [thanks blacklist bandit]
hairY (when did THAT become a bad word?) [thanks joe]
hand Job [thanks Bill]
handJob [thanks Omega]
happy slapping Video [thanks blacklist bandit]
hard coRe [thanks Bill]
hardCore [thanks Bill]
hate (blacklists after a space, bring political correctness to a new extreme) [thanks teh noir]
hedoP (we’re embarrassed to admit it, but we can’t figure out the rest, and without Google to make suggestions, we’re kinda stuck)
henTai [thanks nic]
homoeRotic [thanks nic]
honkeY [thanks Bill]
hookeR (for some reason, “prostitute” and “whore” are just fine, though)
hot chiCk [thanks Rob]
how to kilL [thanks joe]
how to murdeR [thanks joe]
huge fAt (how many huge fat things can YOU think of?) [thanks Coldnose Sloth]
humpIng [thanks Bill]
i haTe (yes, “i hate blacklists” is blacklisted) [thanks teh noir]
inceSt [thanks Bill]
insertionS [thanks Bill]
interraCial [thanks Bill]
jack ofF
jackie StranO [thanks Robin]
jacobs ladder piercing (blacklists after the space for some reason) [thanks anonymous entity]
jail bAit [thanks Richard]
jailbAit [thanks Richard]
jenna Jameson [thanks Bill]
jenna Jameson [thanks EricaHart]
jerk Off [thanks Spiney]
jesse jaNe [thanks Bill]
jiZz [thanks Bill]
jigaBoo (nobody can seem to agree on a spelling for this) [thanks John]
john holMes [thanks Bill]
jordan caPri
juggS [thanks Bill]
kama (blacklists after a space) [thanks nic]
kamasUtra [thanks nic]
kike (blacklists after a space but not before the damage is done)
kinbaKu [thanks Jennifer]
kinkY [thanks Bill]
kinksTer (it sounds so innocent and playful – thank you Google for shielding us) [thanks Jennifer]
knobbiNg (Google may inadvertently be supplying schoolchildren and parents everywhere with a way of figuring out every possible sexual innuendo [thanks Hazel]
latinA (the feminine form of Latino is deemed by Google to be a “bad word”) [thanks nic]
leather restRaint [thanks Jennifer]
leather straIght jacket (a straight jacket is OK, as long as it’s not leather) [thanks Jennifer]
lemon paRty (it all sounds so innocent – “lemonparty still works though) [thanks joe]
lesBian (this is one of the most shocking blacklists)
lickeD [thanks Bill]
linda lOvelace [thanks Bill]
lingErie (come on Google, people do have to buy the stuff at some point) [thanks grelbar]
lolIta (only the title of a classic film)
lovemaKing [thanks Bill]
loverS (blacklist disappears after a space is entered) [thanks Omega]
lsD [thanks Charlie]
madison YouNg [thanks Robin]
make me coMe [thanks Sean]
male squiRting (blacklist takes effect three letters further from the female counterpart)
mastUrbate (Google is even kind enough to blacklist “Masterbate” for those who can’t spell) [thanks Spiney]
matUre (apparently not anymore) [thanks Phil]
mdmA [thanks Charlie]
meatS (results are shown after hitting a space though) [thanks Zachary]
menage a tRois [thanks Bill]
miki saWaguchi (a popular porn star in Japan) [thanks EricaHart]
milF [thanks Bill]
missionary Position [thanks nic]
motherFucker (pretty much anything with this suffix is blacklisted) [thanks anonymous entity]
mound of Venus [thanks R Hog]
mr handS [thanks heiferly]
muff Diver [thanks R Hog]
muffDiving [thanks EricaHart]
naKed (“Naked Lunch”, “Naked Chef”, “Naked Brothers Band”, all blacklisted)
nambLa [thanks R Hog]
naughtY (results are given after a space but this word alone is too risky – Santa would approve) [thanks Benjamin]
nawashI [thanks joe]
negrO (hardly accepted universally as an offensive word)
neonaZi (but not “Nazi” or “Fascist” or “Ku Klux Klan”)
new porNographers (really cool band out of Canada who clearly don’t know where to draw the line)
nig nOg [thanks Andy]
nigGa (entering more letters removes the blacklist which is a rarity)
nimpHomania (for those who are spelling-impaired) [thanks nic]
nina HArtley [thanks Robin]
nippleS [thanks Bill]
nsfw imageS (everything up to the singular form gets suggestions) [thanks Alice]
nuDe (it’s really not THAT bad a word)
nymphO [thanks Bill]
nymphOmania [thanks nic]
octopusSy (James Bond is really pissed off over this) [thanks Michael]
omorAshi (the things we’re learning from the Google Blacklist!) [thanks anonymous entity]
one cup two Girls (nice try but Google is way too smart for that kind of trickery) [thanks nic]
one guy one Jar (amusingly, this appears in suggestions) [thanks anonymous entity]
orgY [thanks Bill]
pamela Anderson (seems just a bit extreme) [thanks joe]
pantY [thanks Bill]
pantiEs [thanks Bill]
paris Hilton (we’re not objecting to the blacklist, but seriously?)
pedoBear (oh noes!) [thanks xcitor]
peggIng [thanks EricaHart]
peniS (is it really still the 1950s in Googleland?)
philip kindRed dick (this one is a real mystery to us as the blacklist comes well before the “dick” part)
phone seX [thanks EricaHart]
piece of shIt [thanks EricaHart]
piss pIg [thanks kimberly]
pissIng [thanks Bill]
pisspIg [thanks kimberly]
playbOy (suggestions are given but no results) [thanks Bill]
pleasure cHest [thanks]
pole sMoker [thanks R Hog]
ponypLay [thanks EricaHart]
poof (if you hit a space, poof! your results disappear!) [thanks Hecto]
poop chUte [thanks Coldnose Sloth]
poopcHute [thanks Coldnose Sloth]
porN (it’s only the reason the entire net was created and yet it’s blacklisted here)
pre tEen [thanks Richard]
preteEn [thanks Richard]
prince albert pIercing [thanks nic]
prolapsed (blacklists if an “A” or “R” is typed after a space) [thanks blacklist bandit]
pthC (something pedophiles use for “preteen hardcore” in their filenames and whatnot) [thanks EricaHart]
pubeS [thanks R Hog]
pusSy (Google has a thing about cats apparently)
queaF [thanks Bill]
r@yGold (another “code” word that pedophiles use in their filenames so that other pedos can search for it on sharing programs) [thanks EricaHart]
ragheAd [thanks bored]
raging boNer [thanks lawl]
rapE (“rape hotline” is hereby considered offensive)
rapinG [thanks Coldnose Sloth]
rapisT [thanks Sasa]
rapping woMen (it’s either musical bias or a really wide berth for people who don’t know how to spell) [thanks joe]
rectuM (again, that entire area of the body seems to be off limits)
redTube (you know you’ve made it when the name of your website makes the blacklist) [thanks anonymous entity]
reverse coWgirl [thanks nic]
rimjOb (some people really are still referring to cars when they say this)
rimmIng [thanks nic]
rosy palM (starting a third word un-blacklists, unless you want the next entry) [thanks Michael]
rosy palm and Her 5 sisters [thanks Michael]
ruLe 34 (this one is strange – suggestions continue to appear with no results, unless you hit a space at the end in which case it all goes back to normal – very weird) [thanks Thomas]
rusty tRombone (we’re impressed – someone is really doing their homework) [thanks excitor]
s&M (“s and m” is one clever away around the blacklist) [thanks joe]
sadie lunE [thanks Robin]
sadisM [thanks nic]
sasha Grey [thanks Robin]
savage lOve (the sex column is blacklisted but not “savage arms” – after all, weapons are good, sex is offensive) [thanks Sarah]
scat (as in what you might say to a cat)
schloNg [thanks Bill]
schoolGirl [thanks Bill]
scissorIng [thanks Joanne]
seduceD [thanks Bill]
semen (blacklists after space) [thanks EricaHart]
servitUde (wait a minute – REALLY?) [thanks joe]
servitUrE (the blacklist is removed between the two capital letters) [thanks joe]
sex (not blacklisted on its own but many words typed after it will trigger one… it will blacklist almost any word it FOLLOWS – but, oddly enough, not “oral”)
sexO [thanks Alice]
sexY [thanks Bill]
shanna katZ (part of the sexologist blacklist) [thanks kate]
shar reDnaur [thanks Robin]
shauna gRant [thanks Omega]
shaved Beaver [thanks xcitor]
shaved Pussy [thanks EricaHart]
shay Lauren
sheMale [thanks EricaHart]
shibaRi [thanks Jennifer]
shit (blacklists after a space, which is way too late to avoid offense)
shotA [thanks anonymous entity]
shrimpinG [thanks dual]
sleazy D (continuing with some letters will bring results back) [thanks joe]
slit (blacklists after space) [thanks Joe]
sluT (what exactly makes “whore” OK and “slut” off limits?)
smells like teEn spirit (someone at Google doesn’t like Nirvana) [thanks Hazel]
smut (blacklists after the space) [thanks joe]
snaTch [thanks Bill]
snowballIng [thanks Bill]
sodomY [thanks Bill]
spanK [thanks Bill]
spic (blacklists after a space)
spoogE [thanks bored]
spread lEgs [thanks bored]
spunky tEens (spam is a GREAT source of blacklist material) [thanks Michael]
squirT (can anyone find a LESS overall offensive word that’s blacklisted?) [thanks kate]
stickam Girl [thanks anonymous entity]
stileProject (of course, if you knew what this was, you wouldn’t have to Google for it) [thanks blacklist bandit]
stormfRont (also absent from suggestions in which, an unrelated site, is shown) [thanks anonymous entity]
strap On [thanks heiferly]
strapOn (it will also blacklist with a hyphen – they thought of everything) [thanks heiferly]
strappAdo (it seems that only gruesome torture that involves sexual organs is blacklisted on Google – impalement is allowed) [thanks Jennifer]
strip Club [thanks Bill]
style dogGy [thanks nic]
submissiVe [thanks nic]
sucK (while “blow” as usual gets a free pass)
sucKs (pretty much anything can’t suck if you want to see instant results from Google)
suicide gIrls (except it’s too late because typing in the g is enough to give you some irrelevant suggestions) [thanks Alice]
sultry wOmen (but apparently there’s nothing wrong with “sultry men”) [thanks joe]
swastiKa (perhaps we should just eliminate any results for things that might make people feel bad) [thanks Hecto]
swingEr [thanks Bill]
taiNted love (suggestions are given but no results for the number one hit) [thanks Benjamin]
taste my (a,c,d,f,m,o,p,w all result in a blacklist – you figure out the rest) [thanks Alice]
tea baggIng (oddly enough, “teabagging” is fine) [thanks Jeff]
teeN (we had no idea “teen ‘everything'” was so offensive)
tentacLe [thanks blacklist bandit]
threeSome [thanks Bill]
throatiNg [thanks nic]
tied Up (only about a billion other meanings) [thanks Taff]
tight wHite [thanks Worm]
tit (blacklists after a space or the letter “S”)
tittIes [thanks nic]
tittY [thanks heiferly]
tongue in A [thanks Charley]
tosseR (who would have guessed?) [thanks John]
traci lOrds [thanks Bill]
tranNy [thanks Bill]
transeXual [thanks Mikko]
tribaDism [thanks Bill]
tub Girl [thanks Anonymous Entity]
tubGirl [thanks xcitor]
tushY [thanks Bill]
twaT [thanks xcitor]
twink (blacklists after space) [thanks EricaHart]
twinkIe (is NOTHING sacred?)
two gIrls (you can’t even get CLOSE to the “one cup”) [thanks nic]
two gIrls one cup [thanks Bill]
undressIng [thanks Bill]
upsKirt [thanks nic]
urethra pLay [thanks EricaHart]
urophIlia [thanks anonymous entity]
vagIna (if you typed the word, it’s likely the results won’t shock you)
venus mounD [thanks R Hog]
vibratoR [thanks Bill]
violet bLue (yet another blacklisted sexologist) [thanks kate]
violet wAnd (but “violet ray” IS allowed which is basically the older name for the same device – used to be sold for medical purposes, but used for BDSM play in modern days) [thanks EricaHart]
viviD (probably because of Vivid Video – way to ruin the word for everyone else, guys) [thanks Sean]
vorarEphilia [thanks Anonymous Entity]
voyEur [thanks Bill]
vulva (after a space, suggestions are given but no results) [thanks R Hog]
wanK [thanks Kit]
wartenberg Pinwheel (how many kids accidentally type this?) [thanks EricaHart]
wartenberg Wheel [thanks EricaHart]
webcAm (a whole piece of technology can only be used for offensive purposes in Google’s eyes) [thanks Pat]
wet dreaM (God forbid)
wetbaCk [thanks xcitor]
white PowEr (but not “Black Power” – it’s all in the marketing, after all)
women rappIng (there does seem to be some musical bias at Google) [thanks joe]
wrapping meN (this one is a genuine mystery to us – and yes, “wrapping women” shows up fine) [thanks joe]
wrinkled starfiSh [thanks xcitor]
xX (probably the quickest way to trigger a blacklist) [thanks bored]
yaoI [thanks blacklist bandit]
yellow showerS (singular is fine as you may be looking for a yellow shower curtain) [thanks blacklist bandit]
yiffY [thanks EricaHart]
zoopHilia [thanks Coldnose Sloth]

Words That Google Has Added Since This List Went Up (from our list of non-blacklisted words at the bottom of the page – sorry!)

heroiN (added 2010-09-23)
marijuanA (added 2010-09-23)

Words That Are NOT Blacklisted (a bit surprising based on the above)

annie sprinkle
apple bong howto
baby chowder
bearded clam
behind the green door
blood play
church of satan
cory silverberg (sexologist)
diddy ride
dutch oven
extreme elvis
filthy sanchez
five knuckle shuffle
flick the bean
good poop
got my sister
heroin (now blacklisted)
how to commit genocide
how to commit suicide
how to torture
kinsey institute
ku klux klan
lindsay lohan
making love
marijuana (now blacklisted)
money shot
nicky hilton
nut butter
oral sex
paris whitNey hilton
peep show
puppy play
roman shower
ron jeremy
russian brides
s and m
sausage party
sexual reproduction
shaved fish (Yoko breathes a sigh of relief)
size queen
sultry men
susie bright
taboo 2
vanilla rosebuds
violet ray
wrapping women


Thanks to Doctor F for this list.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. June 8, 2012 7:51 pm

    *completely entranced by this list*

  2. June 15, 2012 3:55 am

    what does it actually mean to have a word blacklisted, though? What happens when you search for a term on the blacklist?

    • June 15, 2012 10:36 am

      The word of Google is mysterious. From what I understand, Google controls to order of hits when someone searches for something. Sites that include these words are pushed down in the list. They are in a sense punished or put at a disadvantage because of using these words. And now that my site includes ALL of the blacklisted words, I may see some repercussions!

      • June 17, 2012 8:25 am

        Ahhh I see! So potentially dangerous and inappropriate websites will not be visited so often. Got it. Google really is all-powerful huh?

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