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Merry Masturbation Month

May 5, 2012

How to Masturbate

The month of May is Masturbation Month! Time to beat the meat! Many of us grow up masturbating quickly and quietly and with much shame. We learn bad ways of getting off. In honor of Masturbation Month, this is a guide on how to flick the bean or grease the pole. Masturbation, like most other things, is about practice.

Practicing masturbation leads not only to better solo sex but also to better two (or more) person sex. Learn to go slowly. The bad habit of cumming quickly before your mom or your little sister realizes your locked in the bedroom must stop. This only exacerbates issues like summing too quickly. Take it slow. By bringing yourself to the end of orgasm and then backing off, you can learn to control your body better and last longer in bed.

Practice in various positons and methods. Many people only learn to jerk off in one way – dry humping the couch, sticking it between the mattress, on their stomach. You are doing yourself no favors. The sensations the mattress brings you are nothing like another person. While there is nothing wrong with any method, variation allows your bits to be more use to change in sensations. It also means that your body may adapt, becoming more use to change in positions and more able to last longer in each pose.

Practice masturbating with a condom. If you have a penis and the form of birthcontrol you use is condoms, get your dick used to the feeling of a condom. It will not feel so strange and awkward when you use them with another person. If you have a vagina, try masturbating with a female condom. Learn how it feels and how to enhance pleasure while using it.

We spend lots of time preparing to have sex. We get dressed, shave, spend money, and make our beds. We often prepare a place to have sex, complete with mood lighting and music. Why not give yourself the same respect. Create an environment where you feel safe to explore yourself. Make a place where you feel sexy. When having solo sex, make it special ever once in a while. Don’t just rub on off. Show yourself a good time.

Make masturbating an adventure. Go exploring. Learn the topography of your body. Learn what you like and dont like. Use your imagination. Fantasize, read erotica, or watch porn. Expand your sexual horizons. Leave behind the shame an guilt society places on sexuality and enjoy what you enjoy. Give yourself permission to enjoy pleasure.

Come back for more thoughts of masturbation and enjoy yourself!

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