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A Soldier against The War on Women

May 1, 2012

I have been so pissed off lately that it has left me speechless. I open a newspaper, listen to the news, check Twitter (shameful self plug- @sexualoperator) and I am confronted with an overwhelming number of attacks on human rights -especially women’s rights. I am horrified that we have found ourselves so much in the same position and in engaged in the same conversations that we fought over in the 1960s and 1970s. The parallels are disturbing. For a while, this has made me feel helpless and hopeless as we repeat ourselves. How horrifying that in America, often hailed as the best country on earth, does not give equal respect, privileges and power to all of its citizens! All Americans, not just the women, should be upset and demand change.

I apologize for my silence during this last month. My silence only gives the others power. Often people do nothing because they do not feel that their actions and opinions matter. Maybe they do or maybe they do not but certainly silence and inaction serves to empower oppressors.


My days of stunned silence are over. This is the part where I fight back. This is your fight too -whether you have a vagina or love someone with a vagina or cherish the idea of equal human rights.


Here are a few of many things you can do:


  • Replace the members of Congress who are pushing for and supporting laws which limit human rights by voting this fall.
  • Write to your senators and congresspeople and tell them of your opinions.
  • Knit a vagina. is a organization which encourages women to knit or crochet a vagina and send them to sexist Congressional members. Its clever way of expressing how important and personal these issues are to you.
  • Talk to people, your friends and family, and rally support. This is no time to sit on our hands.
  • Go to



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  1. May 1, 2012 9:01 pm

    Yes yes yes! What are the wacked out right wingers thinking? I hope this get many removed from local and federal office.

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