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The Magical Disappearing Clitoris

March 21, 2012

While studying anatomy, a scientist in the 1500 named Colombo enlisted a woman to use as a model. He compared her features to those marked in older books on the human form.  This woman had the strangest “protuberance” between her legs. Just where the lips of the vulva started was a strange bump. The books he was studying showed no such bump.

Colombo investigated more women and found, low and behold, they all had this bump! What’s more, this bump swelled when touched. What a discovery! He documented his findings and took them to his Dean. He expected to he made a hero for having found a new body part. The Dean was horrified. He told Colombo to put away his studies and never think of the protuberance again. The next day, men came to arrest Colombo on charges of blasphemy and witchcraft, and Satanism. This scientist had found the clitoris and this was threatening to society. (1)  Imagine what would happen to society if women could enjoy sex! Gasp! And so the secret and shame about the clit remained. Fast-forward to the late 1990s and turn of the 2000s. Advancements allow us to see inside of the body and explore further this protuberant clitoris. It is not, as we long thought, just a bump but small part of a larger organ. (2)


This protuberance, we now know, is a jelly bean of nerve endings. Maybe it is more like a Red Hot. It contains over 4000 nerve ending, the highest concentration anywhere on the human body- male or female. (Lest the male get jealous, a penis also has about 4000 nerve ending but they are more spread out.) What the scientist did not previously know was how intricate the clitoris is. Not only does it exist on the outside of the body as a little bump but the clitoris continues internally! It is not just a dot of pleasure but an entire network.


The internal clitoris, like a penis, become erect when stimulated. It swells, making the vaginal opening constrict. An excited woman is a tighter woman!

The distinction between clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm becomes unnecessary when you realize that the clitoris encircles the vaginal canal. The sensation felt when something is inserted inside a vagina is in part a result of the clitoris.

All this is to say, when pleasuring a woman, remember that pleasure can be felt in many places. Knowing that this riverbed of pleasure nerves runs through her body should make pleasuring her easier and more fun.




  1. Sex at Dawn. Christopher Ryan and Cacild Jetha. Harper Perennial. Page 250-251
  2. The Museum of Sex.
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  1. March 23, 2012 11:59 pm

    I could spend hours just playing with a woman and her clit… Such a beautiful body part.

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