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Are You Getting Enough?

February 16, 2012

Dear Operator,

While at lunch with a lovely koonenai dancer today, i was asked “how do I know if i’m not getting enough sex?” Naturally I replied that one can never get enough, but then i realized this was in no way the clinical answer she required. As I am unqualified to answer this question, I refer it for your usual thoughtful consideration. ( i had some probing questions in mind, but i did not want to pry in this case because having been lovers at one time and will likely be again, there are some things I’d rather not know).



Dear P’Snapp,


I love this question! So many people are worried that they want or have more sex than they should. They worry that they masturbate too much or that people think they are sluts. I am so glad to hear that people want to make sure they are getting enough sex!


The key to knowing if you are getting enough is self-awareness. Society attempts to dictate how much sex we have. Magazines spout sex-negative information that makes having a healthy sex drives look like a crime. Part of being sexually intelligent is knowing yourself well enough to know how much is enough regardless of what media and the larger culture may indicate. Each person is unique in this manner. As unhelpful and unspecific as this is, you know when you are getting enough sex when you feel like you are getting enough sex.


While I understand why your first response was that one can never get enough, I have to disagree. You may be having too much sex when your body tells you so. Chaffing, soreness, or unhealed sex wounded (especially if you are into kinkier activities) are signs that you should slow down for a while. You may also be having too much sex when other areas of your life are neglected as a result. If your focus on sex is so strong that other aspects of relationships deteriorate then you may be having too much.


I wish there was some sort of blood test to determine people’s natural sex drives without influence from media, religion, and psychological hangups. Then I could test this Kootenai dancer of yours and tell her something definite. We have recommended Daily Values for calcium, Vitamin C and fiber. Why not for sex too? Until that test is created we will just have to determine what amount of sex is best for ourselves as individuals.



The Sexual Operator

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