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February 9, 2012


Many of us are looking for a companion with whom to share life.  We get all caught up in what that means.  We start listing of requirements: between age 21 and 30, over 6′, sense of humor, enjoys the outdoors, puts the toilet seat down, doesn’t use the words ‘uber’ or ‘rad’.  But if we really want a companion, we should look at what the word ‘companion’ means.

Companion comes from the Latin word ‘Companionem’ which means “one with whom you share bread” .  If you speak a Romance language,  you can see the word ‘con’ and ‘pan’ meaning ‘with’ and ‘bread’.  Perhaps what we really want is someone who is important enough to us that we will share our hard-earned resources.  And someone with whom we would enjoy sharing the rest of our meals.

Not exactly what I am talking about!

I once went to dinner with my dear girl friend and the man I had just started seeing.  I offered to split a dish with him as I wasn’t that hungry.  Later he said “I hope your friend wasn’t uncomfortable that you and I split the steak.”  “Why would she be uncomfortable?”  “Well, because sharing a meal like that is so intimate” he said.  I was taken aback.  I had thought about food as sexy or sensual but never as intimate.  Food can be used to seduce like when you cover your body in sushi or chocolate.  The way its eaten can arouse.  More than that, the simple act of preparing and sharing a meal together can bring souls closer.  So don’t get overwhelmed by the Valentines Day insanity.  Remember why the other person is your chosen companion.

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