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On Oral and Genital Herpes

February 5, 2012

Much confusion surrounds the understanding of herpes viruses. On the one hand, it is an STD so its stigmatized and scary. One the other hand up to 80% of the population may be infected with a herpes virus.  The winter cold outs those with cold sores or Herpes Simplex I. Here are the basic on herpes.

A cold sore is the common name for Herpes Simplex I or oral herpes. It is a virus transmitted sexually though intercourse or kissing. It can also be transmitted via an object. If Cold Sore Sally offers to share her food, chap stick or ball-and-gag, have caution! The name ‘oral herpes’ is misleading. Simplex I can infect any part of the body though primarily infects the mouth. It is possible for Cold Sore Sally to give a person a blow job and transmit oral herpes to their junk. If they do get oral herpes down there it is still a cold sore/Herpes Simplex I/oral herpes. It is not considered genital warts.

Genital Warts is Herpes Simplex II, a virus completely separate from cold sores. It is transmitted in the same way and can also affect any part of the body. Going down on someone with genital herpes may result in genital herpes in the mouth.

Even though you can’t see it doesn’t mean its not there. Herpes Simplex I and II can be transmitted to another person where there is an open sore. Also, once a year, the simplexes will shed viruses without a sore. This means a person can infect another even though they don’t have a sore.

The virus is strongest during the initial cold sore. The first time you get a cold sore or a genital wart is the most dangerous. It is then that it is most easily spread to others and to other parts of the body. Be extra careful!

Most people have some form of herpes.  Though it is common it is best to limit infection.  Safe sex is still requires.  Use dental damn and condoms to protect yourself and others.

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