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Things people do to their anuses (ani)

January 23, 2012
  • Anal BleachingThe skin around the asshole is frequently darker than the rest of the body. In order to make the skin a uniform color, people bleach their bits. Creams are available at drug stores for self- application or you could go to your professional anal bleacher. Originating in the porn world and made more popular by the recent movie Bridesmaids, an increasing number of spas are offering bleaching treatments. The safety of this procedure is questionable.

What surprise is she unwrapping?

  • Anal StretchingFor some, it is a point of pride how much their asses can stretch. Many derive pleasure and satisfaction from being able to insert a squash with a diameter of 3 inches. Anal dilators are used to stretch the anus in the same way that people stretch their ear plugs. The smallest is inserted and worn until it is comfortable. Gradually the size of the plug is increased.

  • Anal PiercingA piercing in this location seems to be fairly rare as it is a dangerous place to pierce. It is easily infected. Usually the ring goes from the inner edge of the anus through the taint.
  • Anal TattoosI am sure you can image what an anal tattoo is. If not, I’ll leave you to explore the internet.
  • Anal TighteningMaybe its naturally too loose for you. Or maybe you went too far with the anal dilating plugs. Or maybe you got too much anal action. Whatever your reason, cosmetic surgery can fix it. An anal tightening spray also exists but is bad for you.
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