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Wacky Condoms

January 20, 2012

Last week, I told you about custom fit condoms.  In researching condoms, I have come across several bizarre ones.

Creepy monkey, Kit Sack, Squirrels with condom hardhats!  What is going on here!

 Inspired by trashbags, the condoms have pull taps to help ensure proper application

Sir Richard’s Plaid Condoms exude class

Save the polar bears and seals by having protected sex

Good for raves and when you’re pretending to be a lightning bug- glow in the dark condoms

I feel sorry for the kid who’s mother absentmindedly puts a Juicy Queen Condom Carton in their lunch

Durian is a fruit said to smell like compost, old socks, or vomit.  What a lovely flavor for a condom!

 The company claims ” The fragrance will create harmonious, romantic & a  special setting for love. “

The Stinking Rose is a local garlic based restaurant.  Promotional condoms are garlic flavored.

I don’t know where to purchase these but they seem to be real.

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