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January 9, 2012

This just in from the word factory:


The sex act wherein a man is aroused by the humiliation brought on by his spouse cheating on him with another man. It is mental masochism.    It goes beyond just voyeurism (watching people having sex) and delves into the psychological and emotional pain.  For cuckolds, the person who is being cheated on, this psychological pain is a pain that hurts so good.

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  1. Kristin permalink
    January 9, 2012 9:40 pm

    Dear Operator, is there anything wrong with 2 Girls 1 Cup? Someone showed it to me and I thought it was a joke but still had to view it through partially covered eyes. When the person told me it was real, I almost fainted.

    Not a Fan of Corprophagia

    • January 10, 2012 5:18 pm

      There is something wrong.

      This kind of porn give pornography a bad name. It is this type of film that anti-porn people point to when they want to show how all porn degrades women. I have to agree that this particular film is degrading (which is its appeal to some). But one isolated example of filth does not mean that the entire industry is that way. So remember that there is dark nasty stuff out there in the world but there is also wonderful happy stuff. Turn off 2 Girls 1 Cup and head over to

      I have to draw my personal line at poo. I took Infectious Diseases 101 in college and learned about “The Fecal-Oral Route” of disease transition. Disease causing bacteria have a life cycle which requires certain steps and conditions. Frequently, phase one of their life happens inside a human’s or animal’s guts and then they get shat out in feces to commence phase two. Phase two of their life is when they enter another organism’s body and begin reproducing. So if one of those girls had diseases the other girl would have then acquired them and be host to something gnarly. Some common fecal-oral route transmitted disease are food poisoning (aka rotavirus), cholera, giardia, Hepatitis A and E. Beware the fecal-oral route. Use a dental dam during analingus. Wash your penis after anal sex or use a condom during anal and remove it before vaginal or oral sex.
      I am going to go scrub from head to toe now!

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