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A Place Where the Lube Flows Like Wine: A Review of Liquid Silk

January 5, 2012

I hope to one day be a lube connoisseur. I want to be like a Sonoma Valley wine snob, sniffing, swirling, and making grunts of approval. “Mmmmm, this ample lube is nutty and ripe. It would be lovely with paired with a hard cock.” I want to have a cellar or cabinet or a rack at least of various lubes. I am a big fan of lube. It is a sexy-time essential. Different activities call for different lubes. A good lube for the shower is a bad lube for sex toys. There is anal lube, oral sex lube, and arousal lube. But if you are a starving writer in a big city like me, or you’re struggling like most of America, you cant afford to have twenty different lubes. Or maybe you just like to keep things simple. A general purpose lube is needed.

The subtle art of making people fit together and reducing friction in relationships

Liquid Silk is a wonderful product. It is water based and thus toy and condom friendly.

It is long lasting and not sticky. Even once it dries, the lube does not leave a tacky residue. Texture and longevity are my priorities when picking out a lube and Liquid Silk meets my standards.

Despite its excellent texture, Liquid Silk does have drawbacks. Liquid Silk does not have a sexy taste. It has a hint of plastic taste. Fortunately, its taste is not overwhelming and after a moment becomes unnoticeable. At first, I was unnerved by the color of the lube. It is an opaque white and looks very much like jizz. When you squeeze it into your hand it looks like you have a large load of cum. After applying, the lube looses its color. It was initially strange to rub a load of jizz-like lube on a penis. Perhaps, like wine, this lube needs to breath in order to loose its color and flavor.

While it does run about $25 for 250 ml, it is well worth the cost. That sized bottle lasts me a couple of months. I think $25 for more than 75 days and nights of pleasure is a good deal.

Despite the unpleasant last and strange color, Liquid Silk’s excels in its ability to reduce friction. Because it lasts, it is a good lube for anal, heavy petting, and vaginal intercourse. If you are only going to buy one lube for your bedroom, invest a little and get Liquid Silk.

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