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Word of the Week

January 1, 2012

In high school, I had a teacher who would give the admin office silly statements to announce to the whole school.  The monotone office lady would read off  the lunch schedule, the updates on the teacher with a brain tumor and then give us Mr. Partridge’s Letter of the Day.  He denied any responsibility and told us that there was a factory in Illinois that produced The Letter of the Day. For several months we had different letters.  I think it was his way of saying how much a waste of time the announcements were.  Or maybe he just liked messing with them.  But in honor of Mr. Partridge, I bring to you the Word of the Week.  Brought to you by The Illinois Word Factory- a sister branch to the one cranking out letters.

"Grey Line" Georgia O'Keeffe

This week’s word is one of my favorite!



In the shape of a vulva.  Like phallic but for lady bits.

From the sanskrit word for vagina

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  1. psnapp permalink
    January 2, 2012 8:13 am

    Dear S.O.,

    Thank you for bringing some gender equity to the shapes of things. According to the philosophy of linguistic determinism, language, through labels and such, not only shapes subjective reality (there is no objective reality) – it defines reality – or at least the subjective experience of it. I think it’s a bit of a stretch, but the current emphasis on “politically correct” speech gives credence to the notion that on some level society recognizes this principle.

    Pussy Blocking. That’s what I really want to talk about. The other night I was hanging around with a female friend in the front yard of a home where I am house-sitting. There was a small gathering next door, so we went over and introduced ourselves and hung out for a bit. On the way home, my friend (who is a girl remember), said, “hey, sorry if it looked like I was pussy blocking you.” Then it dawned on me that earlier in the night she had siad she was kind of in the mood for a woman. At the time those words stung my male ego, yet she had continued to maul me, so I took it in stride. So she has some bisexual attractions (esp now that she’s on the pill, she says). Ok, fine. But now when out with a girl, I have to worry about pussy blocking just the same as my jack ass guy friends who cock block from time to time? In truth, I am guilty myself from time to time. Is it not natural for guys/males though? consider the elk in rut, “those are my bitches! My rack is bigger than yours so deal with it or bring it on!”

    ~ side note: how many bull elk have hot young (girl)friends that they don’t mount? How many bull elk chat over coffee with their cow elk friends? Perhaps I should be considering a new years resolution right about now. Bull elk don’t have gal-pals (that I know of) so …cultural evolution is the way forward?

    I suppose human females and perhaps non human females pussy block when competing amongst themselves for male mating partners. Of course they do. I guess I have just never heard this term before. Maybe it is colloquial and limited to the nearly-urban university mountain hamlets in Western Montana? Maybe I need to get out more?

    S.O. please illuminate us on this phenom of pussy blocking, as there are many holes (so to speak) in the sex ed curriculum.


    • January 3, 2012 3:33 pm

      Hello P’snapp,

      I think many would agree with this philosophy of linguistic determinism in this case. Our society’s general lack vocabulary in relation to vuvlas and vaginas reflects the culture’s discomfort with the female genitalia.

      Usually the term “pussy blocking” refers to when someone prevents a female from scoring. For example, when two women go out together and one steals the attention of a potential mate away from the other she committed an act of pussy blocking. It is essentially the same as cock blocking but for vagina-havers.

      I am not entirely sure what your friend meant then when she apologized for pussy blocking. She may have noticed that other women were avoiding you because you were with her. When a woman and a man attend a party together it is often assumed that the two are together. The other women at the party may choose to overlook that man as a potential mate out of respect for the woman. The woman with whom the man attended the party has deterred other women from hitting on him. Or your friend may have been actively seeking out the attention of the women who otherwise would have been after you.

      I do not think that you need worry about being pussy blocked when out with your female friends. Chances are that you will be chasing different types of women. You will be after the heterosexuals and she after the lesbians. Of course there will be some bisexual and flexible overlap but I would not spend too much time worrying about this.

      As for the elk, they like to bugle and hump. Isabella Rossellini has a wonderful show about animal sexual behavior called Green Porno. This is her segment on deer sex. I love her!

      Please notice on the top right side of the screen, just below the picture of the sexy operator, there is a tab that says “Ask the Operator”. There you can ask questions and see what others have asked. Thank you for reading The Sexual Operator!

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