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Dont Trust the Cheese.

December 3, 2011

I moved to San Francisco a few months ago to surround myself with kindred spirits.  I took a job managing a cheese shop which was about to open and found a place to live.  I thought I was doing alright.  And then the bosses informed me that they had no idea what they were doing in terms of opening a business and have run out of money.  As a result, I was laid off.  Infuriated, I spent a few days daydreaming about using my knowledge of forensics to start and get away with an electrical fire.  No one would think twice because that old building was known to have electrical issues and the occasional fire.  Now that I no longer want to destroy things so badly, I realize that loosing my job should serve only to push me forward.  That cheese (as amazing delicious and fascinating as it is) is not my passion and has little place in my dreams.  I should take this opportunity to find a job that will enrich my life.  I want to find a job that brings me opportunity, connections, knowledge and a sense of good-doing.  So I applied to the local woman friendly adult toy shop.  I was raised in a kids’ toy shop.  I know how to sell specialty toys so why not sell specialty adult toys.  I do not know if I will hear back about the job but I sure hope so.

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