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The Humble Beginnings of an Aspiring Sexologist

October 17, 2011

On long road trips as children, my four siblings and I played what we called Operator. In those days, Aly was The Operator. We would hold our imaginary phones to our ears and ask her silly questions. They usually began with the phrase- is there anything wrong with.

-Hello. This is the operator.

-Yes, is there anything wrong with eating deoderant?

-Well dear caller, there is nothing wrong with eating deodorant so long as it is your own and there are no hairs.

It was a silly game but she always made us laugh. And yes, we were easily entertained. As we got older, the questions became more serious and the role of operator spread to all of us. As I began to focus my studies and career toward sexology, I became The Operator, answering my friends’ and siblings’ sex questions.

-Is there anything wrong with not having a hymen?

-Is there anything wrong with being emotionally attracted to men but physically attracted to women?

-What is a dental dam?

I would do some research and write them an email. Some questions required a significant amount of research to find the answer even though I spent much of my time reading about sex. I realized that people who do not spend so much time learning about sex would have little idea where to look for answers to their sex questions. They would have no forum wherein to critically address issues of sex, gender, and sexuality. I also realized that I love sharing this information!

And so I begin this blog. This is a space for me to share all the exciting things I learn, to explore complicated issues and to address questions you and people like you may have.

While I have yet to get a degree in sexology, I will do my best to provide accurate, non biased, helpful information. I will site sources, provide links to extra material and clearly state opinion as such.

With that- The Sexual Operator goes public!

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